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Its just about the only fast food I will eat. A whole bunch of druggies get on their Huffys and ride around France until people tell them they can stop. This quesadilla is stuffed with cheddar and pepper jack cheese, scrambled eggs and bacon.

DustinSeibert July 16, It's the meme equivalent of shouting insults at someone sitting at a bus stop from the passenger seat of a moving car, and it's actually a "viral hoax campaign. The last straw was getting a burrito when I ordered a soft Taco. Sugey, you obviously need some education on food borne illnesses.

Instead of asking her employee to leave so that she could hear me out, she let her abusive employee, Sam, the angry, wanna be gangsta millennial yell and cuss at me.

So much for "fast" food. I say it three to four times, and still it's wrong. Oh how the mighty have fallen. This food is really awful and really expensive.

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They have it all on their menu from tacos to burritos and from nachos to salads.

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My husband stopped by to get dinner on his way home. This quesadilla is stuffed with cheddar and pepper jack cheese, scrambled eggs and bacon. They do have some "healthy" options but the amount is very small and not worth it. The service and the staff of the food chain are very positive and friendly with their customers and they always try to make healthy relationships with customers to provide them satisfied with the great mouth-watering food.

They lost my business forever. This Taco Time is beautiful. I would not recommend this restaurant. The food is good, and I like the chicken burrito.

As a Korean, I was thoroughly disappointed!.

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Taco Time (stylized as TacoTime) is an American fast-food restaurant chain specializing in Mexican food. The chain has over locations in the US and Canada.

It was founded in Eugene, Oregon in by Ron Fraedrick.

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History. The chain was founded in Eugene, Oregon, by Ron Fraedrick, who opened the first restaurant near his alma mater, the University of Oregon, at 13th Avenue and High Founded: January ; 58 years ago, Eugene, Oregon, U.S. TacoTime is an upscale quick service restaurant chain that specializes in freshly prepared, home-style Mexican food.

TacoTime. 35K likes. TacoTime is a quick-service restaurant chain offering a tasty variety of freshly-prepared, home style, Mexican fare. No one takes. 21 reviews of Taco Time "I learned that Taco Time is like local Taco Bell if Washington state so that's pretty cool.

They have several locations and restaurants throughout the state. This one is located in Federal Way near Tacoma. It is a stand Cuisine: Mexican. Dec 25,  · Brigham City Taco Time was one of the very first Taco Times one has enjoyed eating their special different menu items.

Therefore, the professional service one received the first night when the franchise was getting ready too close was very awesome and very polite/5(11). Taco Time @TacoTimeNW Serving you sinceTaco Time NW is committed to providing fresh, healthy, & local Mexican fast food choices!

For us, fresh is an everyday thing!

Taco time
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