Snow themed writing activities

Create a new soup that mixes in some of your favorite food items as the main ingredients. What locations on the Earth are the most likely to get snow. Classifying animals Emergent Reader - The Mitten Retelling A simple retelling of the literature selection "The Mitten" by Jan Brett In the interactive version the students cut and paste the correct animals that are referred to in the text.

Snowy Day & Winter Lesson Ideas

Students can use a bottle of glue and glue dots over their written braille messages, thus created raised dots that can be felt by touch. As students learn a new times table, they place an ice cream scoop on top of their cones.

Kindergarten Winter Worksheets and Printables

A memorial honoring Dr. Don't forget that all kid printables on this site are available at no cost to you.

Snowman Activities for Preschool

Research on iguanas to see if they can live in cold climates Mini-Theme Unit Included Included in this theme is a mini-theme based on the literature selection "Bear Snores On" written by Karma Wilson. Having these insects at our house inspired me to create a fun little game for the Lil Divas that would get them moving like insects.

Write a friendly letter to someone that you usually e-mail and mail your letter. What is the temperature like there.

Here in Ecuador where we live there is no snow and the kids often see snow in their favorite TV shows and want to experience it too. Then I tell them which color crayon to use and they color in that gingerbread kid with the correct color. We studied space last week and here are some of the things we wrote about.

On Kids National Geographicstudents can view photographs of some of the most historic moments in Dr. Beginning with the words "I Have a Dream," write your own speech about your hopes for our world and its people.

After these snow globe templates have been cut out along the thick black border, your students will have unique poetry templates to write their acrostic poems on.

To mix I use a large gallon ziplock bag and split the mix in half. Dictating their stories to you or using invented spelling and then telling you what they wrote are two great places to start.

Refrigerated biscuit dough; small amount of flour; rolling pin; raisins; thin pretzels; small snow man cookie cutters.

Winter-Themed Classroom Resources, Grades K-5

The readers are predictable, which allows young learners to become confident in their ability to learn the reading process Total of Three Emergent Readers That Address Key Learning Concepts In each theme unit, emergent readers are used to teach key learning concepts to meet your curriculum outcomes.

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Preschool Snow Theme

Jr. Kids Activities Network was founded by Wendy Piersall, a well known social media mom who has appeared on the Today Show & written for as an advocate for women in is also writing her first book, Mom Blogging for Dummies, being released in the summer of by Wiley behind it all is a mother of three who keeps herself sane.

Find fun Disney-inspired art and craft ideas for kids of all ages—including holiday and seasonal crafts, decorations, and more. This activity mat includes multiple winter-related games such as snowman dot to dot, word search, maze, color and write and more! Hot Cocoa Counting Cards Math Game This Hot Cocoa Counting Cards Math Game is perfect to practice counting skills.

A Blizzard of Winter Lessons Brrr! Winter is in the air! To help you celebrate the start of the winter season, we have shoveled up more than 50 cross-curricular activities!

Winter Worksheets It may be cold outside, but these worksheets will keep your students' minds warm and active with hundreds of grade-level appropriate activities designed for those long winter days: coloring pages, compare and contrast, crossword puzzles, hidden picture puzzles, math.

This simple game was a HUGE hit and the Lil Divas have already requested to do it again, which we will be doing after school today.

Snow Globe Coloring Page

This fun game is the final post in our Learning Through Movement series.

Snow themed writing activities
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Winter Themed Printable Multiplication Worksheets | Animal Jr.